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Plastic Open Textbook Holders - Classrooms & Libraries

There are many great uses for book stands in school entryways, classrooms and libraries. The kid-safe polycarbonate textbook stands in our selection are able to hold a full-size textbook in the closed or open position. Use them in a library to show off your new additions or display your classroom’s art. Keep a book open and propped up so you can use it as a reference when making lesson plans, grading, or transcribing educational material. You can even create a simple display to supply visitors with helpful pamphlets and brochures on parent night or every day. These clear acrylic and PETG book easels have many convenient uses and are designed to help save you valuable time and energy.

Whether you’re searching for indestructible keyboarding book stands for the classroom or upright textbook displays for your library, we guarantee that these stands are made to last. Made with strong and virtually indestructible PETG plastic, they’ll stand up to repeated rough handling over time.
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Short easel cs14 Short Easel w/o Lip (PETG) - cs14

Made of clear PETG thermoplastic polymer. One of the toughest materials known today.

Our Price: $2.95
Members Price: $2.81

th101 tablet holder PETG Tablet Holder (PETG) - th101

Great for iPad, Kindle, Tablet PC, Nook or most any Android Tablet!

List Price: $6.90
Our Price: $6.90
Sale Price: $5.95
Savings: $0.95
Accessory Book Shelf PETG kb89 Book Shelf (PETG) - kb89

If your students use both top-bound and side-bound textbooks, then the kb88 - kb89 combination is the book stand of choice for your classroom.

Our Price: $6.95
Wide Book Stand without Lip PETG cs7 Wide Book Stand w/o Lip (PETG) - cs7

Made extra strong to handle heavy books or to withstand the abuse of transporting the stand(s) from one event to the next.

Our Price: $8.95

Large Textbook Easel cs12 Large Textbook Easel (PETG) - cs12

Designed specifically to hold large side-bound textbooks. It specifically holds the large, 5 lb., Microsoft Office Introductory Course book which is a hard cover book that is 8.5" wide X 11" tall and has a spine width of 1.75".

Our Price: $8.95
Members Price: $8.50

Wide Book Stand PETG cs8 Wide Book Stand (PETG) - cs8

Stronger and tougher than acrylic. Virtually impossible to break. This is a workhorse that will last.

Our Price: $9.25

Jumbo Book Stand PETG cs9 Jumbo Book Stand (PETG) - cs9

Designed to display extra thick spine-width books.

Our Price: $9.50

cs10 Two sided book holder made of durable PETG Two Sided Book Holder (PETG) - cs10

Made extra strong to hold heavy books or to withstand many years of use in a library or school setting.

Our Price: $10.95
BookHug Book Hug (Steel) - bh1

If you're reading a book and you find yourself thinking that two hands are simply not enough, the Bookhug is the answer to your dilemma.

List Price: $13.95
Our Price: $13.95
Sale Price: $12.45
Savings: $1.50

Keyboarding Book Stand Keyboarding Book Stand (PETG) - kb88

"The keyboarding stands hold the books so straight. Even the kids have commented how much better and easier the books are to read!" Carol Thibodeaux, keyboarding teacher, CA

Our Price: $12.95