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Retail Business
"A great pleasure doing business with you. In the past couple of weeks, I've queried you twice and received an instant response each time. Then I placed an order and it arrived immediately. And the product is excellent. I thank you. I have been looking for these stands for years."
Jan Morgan, Owner
Kohala Book Shop, Kapaau, Hawaii

"Thanks so much. You folks are terrific. We love your stands. Your stands really allow us to show our clients exactly how their leather products will look and what their order looks like before shipping.
Thanks again for working so quickly on this."
Nan, Manufacturer of leather products

"The quality is terrific and they're perfect for my in-store displays and will get my books noticed without being needless space-eaters."
Dave Ebright - Author

"The stands worked great! Retailers love them and I was able to get my books next to their cash registers."
Marc Smith, Open Space Publications

"I got my cs7 book stands today and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. I wish I had a whole lab full of them. As I replace, I will certainly use your stands. I have also emailed some fellow teachers who teach computers, telling them to order your stands when they have to replace. It is so nice to deal with a nice person and a quality product."
Lynn Harrison
New Albany Middle School, New Albany MS

"The keyboarding book stands hold the books so straight! Even the kids have commented how much better and easier the books are to read! I have been recommending your products to everyone I come in contact with in both education field and not! Thanks again."
Carol Thibodeaux, Keyboarding Teacher
Atwater High School, CA

"Thank you very much. You were very helpful and made me feel comfortable with the ordering process. It was a pleasure to order from you. Thanks for all you have done to ensure satisfaction."
Vonna Hutson, Typing Teacher
Corbin High School, Kentucky

"Just received our order of Keyboarding Book Stands. They're great! And, I
love-love-love the reused packing materials. It was a small thing that just
made my morning! Thank you!
Shannon Andres, Keyboarding; Computer Applications Teacher
Mountain View Academy, CA

"Recently I bought a few stands from you for my home library. This is just a note to say the stands "exceeded expectations" and I was super satisfied. It is nice to buy something from someone who makes a really good product. I'll be buying a few more because I was so satisfied..."

Professor Rodger Randle