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Book Stands Designed for Classroom Use

Finding the right book stand for a specific classroom application can be a challenge, especially for keyboarding classes. DisplayStands4You understands this challenge, and designed a variety of book stands for classroom use.

The kb88 Keyboarding Stand is designed for use with top-bound, hardcover books. It securely holds the covers and allows students to flip pages as they proceed through their lessons.
If your classroom uses both top-bound and side-bound textbooks, slip a kb89 Shelf over the kb88 Keyboarding Stand an it converts into a book stand that can hold anysize side-bound book in the open position, while students progress through their lessons.

For more versatility, other instructors opt for the cs7 Book Stand that tilts back to hold books open or closed, but doesn't have a from lip to catch and rip pages as they're flipped. This choice works best for classrooms where the stands are used with books in a variety of formats, sides and bindings (especially side bound books).cs7
For large, thick books, the cs12 Stand is best suited. For smaller books, the cs2 Stand works well. To display closed books - such as on a shelf - educators opt for the stands with a front lip such as the cs8 Stand.

Book Stands designed to Withstand Student Abuse
Even well behaved children can be rough on instructional supplies. Plus, budgets are limited. No school can afford to frequently replace their supplies. That's why DisplayStands4You designed stands using a rugged PETG plastic. It can take the abuse kids dish out (click here to watch a demo video). For use in schools, we recommend only the stands made with PETG plastic.

Stands recommended for use in schools: (click on the model number or picture to see details about each type of book stand)

< Keyboarding Instruction/Techniques (click to download the free PDF)

Practical Considerations
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Keyboarding Instruction
in Elementary School
for teaching
QWERTY Keyboarding
Keyboarding Methodology
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Elementary Keyboarding Activities

Teacher Stacey Burkholder uses the cs8 book stands to display books prominently in her third grade classroom in California. As you can see on the wall poster, books play a large role in her curriculum.

Teacher Testimonials

"I got my cs7 book stands today and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. I wish I had a whole lab full of them. As i replace, I will certainly use your stands, I have also emailed some fellow teachers who teach computers, telling them to order your stands when they have to replace. It is so nice to deal with a nice person and a quality product."

Lynn Harrison
New Albany Middle School, New Albany, MS

"The keyboarding book stands hold the books so straight! Even the kids have commented how much better and easier the books are to read! I have been recommending your products to everyone I come in contact with in both education field and not! Thanks again."

Carol Thibodeaux, Keyboarding Teacher
Atwater High School, CA

"Thank you very much. You were very helpful and made me feel comfortable with the ordering process. It was a pleasure to order from you. Thanks for all you have done to ensure satisfaction."

Vonna Hutson, Typing Teacher
Corbin High School, Kentucky


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