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Show It Off with Face-out Book Merchandising

Walk into any retail, book or gift shop and pay attention to what draws your eye. Chances are it’s something colorful at eye level. Books, if displayed appropriately, can be this eye-catching magnet. Publishers spend time and money to make their book covers pop and retailers can utilize this free art to increase sales.

Merchandising is the art of displaying items so that our normal human impulses are maximized. If you own or operate a retail, book or gift shop you want to focus people’s attention in a manner that directs their behavior toward purchase. Make it easy for them to find something pleasing.

Counter-top book display stands are the perfect vehicle to display books with their covers face-out. Set at eye level on top of check-out counters, on cabinets, or in the middle of shelving units they can be utilized to let the covers do the selling.

No additional signage is needed – just let the material talk and empower customers to help themselves. It’s easy to rotate the books and change the theme highlighted, focusing on upcoming events or holidays, different book genres, or books targeted to different age groups or interests.

Counter-top book display stands are inexpensive, can be ordered in small quantities, and come in a variety of sizes and designs. DisplayStands4You.com offers 14 different models. Some can be used to display single titles (such as model cs2). Others can hold multiple books of the same title (such as model cs6). There are even models to display books back to back (such as the model cs10).

Use book stands to show off books in your store and watch your sales climb.


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