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Merchandising can be the Key to Success for Bookstores

People visit bookstores for serendipity. In today's multi-channel environment they can go on-line and find quick access to any specific book. But if they're not sure what they're looking for, nothing beats walking into a bookstore and browsing to find something that grabs you.

If all your titles are displayed spine out, there will be little to grab a browser's attention. Bookstores that adopt merchandising schemes around customers’ needs give the customers something they truly want – a unique shopping experience that helps them save time and energy and provides that ah-ha moment of serendipity.

Use book stands to get new titles face out at eye level. Pull out titles with particularly eye-catching covers and display them prominently using the cs10 book stand on a counter top to grab attention from two directions. If there's a book covering something that's timely or particularly of interest to your local clientele, place it on a cs2, cs14 or cs5 book stand at the check-out counter. If space if of a premium, use the cs3 book holder to highlight two titles.

Rotate the books you highlight on book stands regularly so repeat customers see new covers with each visit. Merchandising using book stands to grab customers attention can be the key to your success.