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Book Shelf (PETG) - kb89
Accessory Book Shelf PETG kb89

Made in the USA
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Product Code: KB89

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(PETG) - kb89

Extra Durability PLUS Extra Versatility

The kb88 Keyboarding Book Stand is designed to hold top-bound, hard-covered textbooks and allow students to easily flip pages as they progress through lessons. Slide the kb89 Book Shelf over the lip of the kb88 Keyboarding Book Stand and it will now securely hold side-bound textbooks for student use. Swap back and forth easily as you change formats of books. The kb88/kb89 combination provides your classroom with the ultimate in versatility.

The kb89 book Shelf can not be used without the kb88 Keyboarding Book Stand. The two items are sold separately.

Adding a kb89 book shelf to the kb88 Keyboarding Book Stand results in a versatile stand that is:

  • Designed specifically to hold tall keyboarding books with the spine at the top as well as a wide range of side-bound textbooks.
  • Made of 3mm clear PETG thermoplastic polymer - one of the toughest transparent materials known today. These stands will last year after year through hard use by students.
  • Stackable for easy storage.

Minimum Order - 4 (any model combination)

Model: kb89
How to use the kb88 Keyboarding Book Stand
Keyboarding Bookstand Durability Demo

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