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Book Stands

EXTRA DURABLE! They'll outlast your students. Used in over 900 schools. Versatile. Choose from 8 models to fit your classroom needs.

Retail Book Display Stands

Increase Visibility and using stands to display books.


The BookHug will hold your Kindle®, Nook® or other e-reader securely.

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cs1 Book Stand
Get your book noticed with one of our top selling stands. Made of Acrylic Plastic, our cs1 countertop easel is ideal for many display needs. This stand will serve as a great point of sale tool. "The keyboarding stands hold the books so straight. Even the kids have commented how much better and easier the books are to read!" Carol Thibodeaux, keyboarding teacher, CA
Made extra strong to handle heavy books or to withstand the abuse of transporting the stand(s) from one event to the next.