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Book Stands

EXTRA DURABLE! They'll outlast your students. Used in over 900 schools. Versatile. Choose from 8 models to fit your classroom needs.

Retail Book Display Stands

Increase Visibility and using stands to display books.


The BookHug will hold your Kindle®, Nook® or other e-reader securely.

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cs10 Two sided book holder made of durable PETG
Book Shelf (PETG) - kb89
Our Price: $6.95
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Made extra strong to hold heavy books or to withstand many years of use in a library or school setting. If your students use both top-bound and side-bound textbooks, then the kb88 - kb89 combination is the book stand of choice for your classroom. Stronger and tougher than acrylic. Virtually impossible to break. This is a workhorse that will last.